Immersive Practices to Develop Expert Learners

Each page gives a brief synopsis of the chapter with some practical next steps. We've then provided you with the option and choice both in the complexity of the content as well as the variety of materials and resources to choose from.


Where possible we will include video (with captions and transcripts), interactive components to challenge your thinking or apply what you've learned, resources for information, planning and sharing, and reflection questions to focus your thinking about UDL.



Thanks for joining us! We wanted to create this site to support your professional learning. Our intent is to provide you with resources, activities, challenges and questions to support your growing experience with and understanding of UDL. We have attempted to model UDL principles through the design of the both the site and its resources.


While it's easy to create a "top 100" list of resources, our goal for this site is to provide you with a limited number of high quality, low (time) demand resources in multiple formats. If you have suggestions for better resources (or more current) that meet this standard, please share them so we can update the site.

On each chapter page you can refine your experience by choosing one of three levels. These are based on your current understanding of UDL, and relate to how you will access information in the book. 


One way to determine your level is to take the UDL Self-Assessment we created. Once you have your level you can determine if you will Wade In, take a Shallow Swim or go for a deep dive into UDL.

Figure splashing water with hands while sitting in a small shallow pool

Wade In

Figure splashing in waist-deep water

Shallow Swim

Figure leaning over the starting blocks about to dive into the water

Deep Dive

We hope you enjoy this resource, find it useful and share it with others. Please let us know what you think, ask us a question or show us your journey!  #DiveIntoUDL


Inclusively Yours,

Kendra and Luis