Chapter 8: Wade In:

All-Access Classroom

Have you ever purchased an "all access" pass? The one that get's you into every ride and event? You may not go on the extreme roller coaster, but you could if you wanted to. That's how we envision an "all access classroom" but rather than rides and events, learners can get into every resource and learning event. 

Our classrooms are often dominated by print. Removing this big barrier to access to learning is an important first step in creating a UDL classroom. It sends a message that there are all kinds of learners and all kinds of ways to learn. That one method or medium isn't better than the other. Limiting your classroom to "text only" is like limiting some of your students to the "kiddie rides". 

Engaging students in the process of finding, making and sharing accessible resources and tools is one way to bring them into creating a UDL classroom with you. They'll recognize and live inclusion as you work together to create an all access pass.

Amusement part ticket for UDL All Access. Text reads: Everyone deserves full access to every resource and every learning event.

Pause and Reflect

We've compiled the pause and reflect questions from the book into a Google Doc. 


Feel free to make a copy and work inside the document, or record your thoughts using another form of media. 

Chapter 8 - Pause and Reflect

Now, it's one thing when our technology does not allow us to do anything other than average. But it is a whole other thing when the technology changes and we can do more, but we don't realize it. That's where we are today. In the last few years, education, just like the rest of society, has gone digital. If you don't believe me, just consider this fact: U.S. public schools are one of the largest buyers of iPads in the world. Right? So, the question isn't do you want the technology?  It's already here. You've already paid for it. The question is: what do you want it to be?


The Myth of Average

Wade In

Educator: [Your Name]

In this space we want to feature you! 

Coming soon we'll have an example of an educator at the Wade In level sharing how they used the UDL Planning Guide to change their practice. While we focused on K-12, anyone can share how they've changed their instruction!

We'er looking for 1 or 2 minute videos with the following information:

  1. Your name, grade, school and district (if applicable)

  2. Your "swimming" level - Wade In, Shallow Swim or Deep Dive

  3. The high level overview of the lesson - provide a link or PDF copy if available

  4. One or two changes you made (using the UDL Planning Guide as a reference)

  5. The apps or online tools you used

  6. Outcomes - what worked, questions you have, next steps.

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The Whac-A-Mole approach to UDL implementation ignores the hierarchical design of the guidelines, the interconnections between principles, and the ultimate goal of UDL: learner expertise. #DiveIntoUDL