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Book Images

All images shared with a Creative Commons license

This page contains the images used in the book. As we know print has barriers. One is the accessibility of text and images. These images include alternative text for screen readers and in some cases (where it is a more complex graphic - linked long descriptions). 


Please feel free to share these images with others.


Traditional Professional Reading: Read the book, write some notes, discuss with colleagues, put the book on a shelf and forget about it.
Traditional & Connected Reading.png
Dive Into UDL (2).png
Why What and How.png
Jagged Profile.png

Chapter 1

Empowered Professional.png
Two images stacked on top of each other.  Top image—students in rows facing a blackboard with the caption: “Learning won’t change” Bottom image—teachers in rows facing a screen and computers in front of them with the caption: “Until professional learning changes.
Empowered Professional (2).png

Chapter 2

Professional Growth Diagram - long description available by following the link.

Chapter 3

Moving from what you know to your goa with your ZPD and your Supported ZPD. Long description available at the link.
Start Where You Are (1).png

Chapter 4

Glasses on top of a book. Caption reads: to be fair to everyone, please remove your glasses.
Picture of swimmers in a backstroke race. Image text: Take your mark. Get set. GO! Is racing to the finish line best for our learners?
Assumptions and Beliefs (1).png

Chapter 5

Driver's view shows steering wheel and dashboard mounted touchscreen to the righ of it. Caption reads: Flexible Design puts your studets in the driver's seat of their learning.
Young swimmer uses a pool noodle for support. Text reads: Some many need support to ge to the other side.
Potted plant shown with watering can pouring water on it. Caption reads: When a plant fails to grow and bloom, we don't blame the plant. We change the conditions.

Go to Chapter 5 to see the "Inclusion Baseball" image.

Chapter 7

The 9 UDL guidelines set up like a Whac-A-Mole game.
Wide open lake seen from the bow of a kayak. Text: Set audacious goals. Then make small, steady changes to reach them.
UDL Planning Guide: Flexibility, Inquiry and Owernship. Long description available by following the link.

Chapter 8

All Access Pass (Presentation (169)) (1).png
Image: Misty mountain. Text: Separate the Goal from the Means. Text: Write a summary to explain how animals adapt to the ecosystem in each biome. The word "write" is circled - means, and the words "...explain how animals adapt", are underlined - goal.
Image: Desks in rows. Text: Rethink your classroom design. What does this space say to your learners?
Every resource and tool has a barrier: interactives (a map), books (open book), videos, ebooks (tablet), audio (iPod), printed materials (printed pages), digital materials (web page), websites (laptop).
Image: Using an iPad. Text: Ask Yourself: "Will my students learn something in spite of the way this was designed, or because of it? (Author Dorian Peters)

Chapter 9

Pass the baton (Presentation (169)) (1).png
bad design (8).png
Multimedia Accessibility.png
Visual Learning.png
ISTE Standards (3).png
hyphen based learning.png
Concept map.png
Frayer Model (3).png

Chapter 10 - Coming Soon

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