Book Images

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This page contains the images used in the book. As we know print has barriers. One is the accessibility of text and images. These images include alternative text for screen readers and in some cases (where it is a more complex graphic - linked long descriptions). 


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Two images comparing traditional reading  and connected reading. Traditional reading is shown as a linear process. Connected reading is shown as a web diagram with the words Dive In in a life preserver at the center and a variety of reading tools connected to it.
Universal Design for Learning, Learners vary in what they find motivating (the why of learning), in how they take in, process, and make meaning from information (the what of learning), and in how the demonstrate their learning (the how of learning).

Chapter 1

The ISTE Standards for Educators emphasize the educator a an empowered professional who is a learner, leader and citizen. They also emphasize the educator as a learning catalyst who is a collaborator, designer, facilitator and analyst. The empowered professional is shown as a figure with a cape in a flying motion, the learning catalyst by fireworks.
Two images stacked on top of each other.  Top image—students in rows facing a blackboard with the caption: “Learning won’t change” Bottom image—teachers in rows facing a screen and computers in front of them with the caption: “Until professional learning changes.

Chapter 2

Cat shown with head on an open book. Captiion reads: This PD is the most engaging learning experience I've ever had!..said no teacher ever.
Professional Growth Diagram - long description available by following the link.

Chapter 3

Moving from what you know to your goa with your ZPD and your Supported ZPD. Long description available at the link.
Like your student, start where you are: Wade In (figure in shallow pool), shallow swim (figure in waist-deep water) or Deep Dive (figure learning over blocks about to dive into pool).

Chapter 4

Glasses on top of a book. Caption reads: to be fair to everyone, please remove your glasses.
Clock mounted on a wall. Caption reads: Is this best for all learners? Ask yourself.
 Clothes hanging on closet labeled Keep, Repair and Toss. Text reads Assumptions and Beliefs - Routine #ClosetClean.

Chapter 5

Driver's view shows steering wheel and dashboard mounted touchscreen to the righ of it. Caption reads: Flexible Design puts your studets in the driver's seat of their learning.
Potted plant shown with watering can pouring water on it. Caption reads: When a plant fails to grow and bloom, we don't blame the plant. We change the conditions.
Young swimmer uses a pool noodle for support. Text reads: Some many need support to ge to the other side.
UDL assumptions and beliefs - Long Descripton available through the link.

Chapter 7

Two images stacked on of each other. The first shows someone holding a tray with the separate burger. The second shows a finished burger. Text reads: when you deconstruct your lessons to align with UDL principles, you may need to eliminate some ingredients in favor of new, flavorful ones.
UDL Planning Guide: Flexibility, Inquiry and Owernship. Long description available by following the link.

Chapter 8

Every resource and tool has a barrier: interactives (a map), books (open book), videos, ebooks (tablet), audio (iPod), printed materials (printed pages), digital materials (web page), websites (laptop).

Chapter 8, 9, 10

Hamburgers of various sizes. Text reads: Take  a burger.
The various ingredients for a hamburger. Text reads: Design your own.
Ingredients for two burgers are shown stacked on top of each other to represent two different burgers. Text reads: Follow the recipe.