Chapter 11: Just Keep Swimming (and Share)

The goal of UDL - learner expertise - isn't something to be reached by the time students graduate from high school. It's not something you "achieve". It's a continual journey, becoming deeper and richer over time. 

Regardless of age everyone can be:

  • Purposeful

  • Motivated

  • Resourceful

  • Knowledgeable

  • Strategic

  • Goal Directed

Every learner can develop learner expertise, however it may look very different in a 5 year old compared to a 15 year old compared to a 35 year old. Depending on developmental level, experience, and learning needs, scaffolding may be required to support growth in expertise. Perhaps not surprisingly, 5 year olds may exhibit more expertise, having had less time to compliantly play the game of school and as such be less fearful of failure, and (one hopes) less worried about their GPA and "getting into a good college". 

What this looks like for your learners (and you) and how you (both) define it, is up to you. 

Connect with Us

One of Kendra’s favorite movies is Finding Nemo. A fish with active working memory issues “just keeps swimming,” moving forward towards her goal (even when she forgets it). Ever optimistic, she believes she has the skills (to talk to whales) and the network (remember the turtles?) to help her when she needs it. Along the way, she meets a lot of variability. Each creature has something to offer and teach, even the ADHD seagulls. We hope you are just as optimistic, but perhaps not as forgetful as Dory, as you explore and apply UDL principles to your practice.

UDL isn’t a destination like 42 Wallaby Way. It’s a journey, taken together with other professionals who are eager to learn, share, and improve their practices. Consider the book in your hands (or on your device) and this website as both conduits and catalysts—a means to connect with us and others interested in transforming their practices, and the spark to help you take on the challenge of change.


We mean it when we say we hope you will connect with us and make us your #UDLPeeps.

Underwater photo of Luis taken in the pool.
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