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Inclusion Baseball

Image Description

Four images depict a group of people playing baseball while three different people watch over a fence in the outfield.


In the first image labeled Equal, three people watching the game are shown on top of equally sized boxes despite their different heights. One person on the left  can see over the fence easily, the other person in the middle is just barely able to peek over it, and the third person on the right is completely blocked from watching the game.


In the second image labeled Equitable, one person stands without a support and is able to barely look over the fence, while the person in the middle gets a ladder and the one on the right several boxes. All three spectators are now able to see over the fence.


In the third image, labeled Removing Systemic barriers, no supports are needed because there is now a chainlink fence and each person can see the game without a support.


In the fourth image, labeled Inclusion: There is no fence, everyone "plays", the three people are now able to join in the game. Two are involved in the action and one is cheering on the sidelines.

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